Monday, March 4, 2013

Author Crystal D. Spears

What happens when you literally get a second chance at love?
Evelyn Beaumont can't remember anything from the ages of 14-19. She's a brain cancer survivor. She's now 20 years old and enrolled in college. There she meets Tristan Monroe, but it isn't for the first time. In fact Tristan and Evelyn were once in love. A love so strong it shattered him when she never came back to Laguna that Thanksgiving after the three years they had spent together.

Evelyn wants nothing more but to have her memories back. With the help of Tristan and his brother Drake, they take Evelyn on an emotional journey filled with videos, photos, and memorabilia...straight down memory lane. 

While they take the stroll down memory lane, Evelyn must learn to deal with Tristan's rock star fame and the ever present groupies and learn to just love again.

Is their love strong enough to overcome the memory loss? Will all the proof he shares with her be enough? Will love find Evelyn once again?

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