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The Draglen Brothers - DRAKEN (BK 1) (Volume 1)
Excerpt for "DRAKEN"

I feel so sore everywhere. I’m yearning; everything starts rushing back to me. I’m at Draken’s house. I danced, ate- yikes, I slept with him! Well, not really slept. I’m in his bed, naked. I inhale deeply and can smell sex, Draken, and a beautiful smell coming from the bathroom. That’s when I notice him humming in the shower. Oh, I spent the night. It’s morning. Hurrying out of the bed I look for my clothes, thinking they should be on the floor. Where are my clothes? The bathroom door opens and he walks out. We stare at each other for a long time without speaking.  He is wrapped in a towel that is almost like a beautiful wrap. He has it tied around his waist, and it is trimmed in gold. His taste is very elegant. Purple must be his favorite color. He continues staring. Feeling self-conscious about last night, I lower my head.
“Do you know where my clothes are?” I ask, softly. I shouldn’t have done this, I move a little and my body reacts with a shot of pain. This staring at me has to stop, I feel myself getting warm inside for this man. I need a hot bath and my own home.
“I folded your clothes and placed them on my dresser. I had Showken get you some fresh clothes from your home. I know you would like a bath, right?” Draken asks. He looks amazing. I didn’t even get to do anything during sex but scream and moan. I should have been more active, maybe next time. Oh wait, not going to be a next time, remember, one nightstand. How did he get me new clothes? Where do my parents think I am? I’m grown up, but not when it comes to Dad. My dad is not understanding about me staying out all night. I feel my face go from calm to the horror of my dad knowing I’m in bed with the neighbor; this is not a good look.
“Cess, remain calm,” Draken says, coming to sit on the bed next to me, “I would never shame you, so relax. Showken got you some clothes without being seen, don’t ask how, and your family thinks you decided to visit Kelly for the night.” Oh, he smells so good. What did he say again? I spent the night with Kelly, Showken broke into my house . . . These are some crazy brothers. He is examining me, like he is scanning for bruises or marks.
“Umm, Draken,” I say, looking down, “last night was, it was amazing, but I can’t do this, this thing that you want. I will get my clothes and go home. Thank you, for covering for me so my dad won’t freak out. I mean, I turn 21 in a couple of months, I hope you understand.” I can’t meet his face, but as I’m talking, I hear a low growl, and I assume he is angry. The room starts closing in, and for the first time since I’ve been in his presence, I feel fear. What have I gotten myself into? He could be a killer. He takes a couple of deep breaths and relaxes. I hope he is not angry. What the hell was I thinking? I should have said something when I was home and safe.
Draken responds, “Cess, I will run your bath water for you, your fresh clothes are already in the bathroom. I have all the things you use daily, body wash, deodorant, lotion, hair products, perfume, even some jewelry that you might like to wear, but make no mistake, last night was just the beginning. I only understand that you feel good to me, making me want more of you. I hated to shower, because I wanted your smell on me all day. Please, do not wound me and stop this before we begin, try it and see. I can be okay. I will pick you up for dinner tonight, say around 7:00pm.” He leans over, giving me a very passionate kiss. Oh, I feel the heat rising, and I want this man again. Fear is no longer present, just a need for him. He rises from the bed, heads to the bathroom, and starts running a bath. He must know I’m sore from all of his attacks. I’m in shock; he basically ignored my speech, and took it upon himself to do what he wanted. He is an alpha male, I can see that. I sit watching him as he moves about in the bathroom. He lights some candles and heads back to the room. He comes and stands next to the bed, smiling. He pulls very gently at the sheet, and I release it. Oh, what this man does to me.

 The Draglen Brothers - SHOWKEN (BK 2) (Volume 2)
Marilyn Carrington has been hurt by everyone who has ever claimed to love her. Now, she only trusts herself and her .45 caliber pistol. When the sexiest man she has ever seen walks into the bar where she works, she stays clear of him, ignoring his advances, but when he takes the hint and leaves her alone, she finds herself missing him. Marilyn finds she doesn’t care about the danger she senses around him; she wants to know the feeling of love again. Marilyn’s only problem now is whether Showken is really ready for her.
Showken Draglen is known for being a playboy. Loving his freedom, he has never committed to a woman, and doesn’t ever plan to. But when he sees Marilyn, he will do whatever it takes to have her. Unused to rejection, he becomes even more determined to win her. But deep down Showken knows that when she finds out what he truly is, she will run, leaving him with the only option he knows, using his power.


Solease Bio:

Solease lives in a quiet area. She is a wife, and mother to a daughter. Solease loves to spend time with her family. She's been called the social butterfly by many friends. She's a huge movie buff, and loves to read books. She writes poetry on a daily basis, as a way to release stress. Solease is the author of "Secrets of the Ghosts - The Sleeper", "Secrets of the Ghosts - AWAKENS", and "The Draglen Brothers Series - DRAKEN"
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