Saturday, February 15, 2014

♥♥ Butterflies, Books & Dreams SWAG ♥♥

Per the request of some very devoted fans...
Here is the very first t-shirt being offered for sale by
Available to order NOW! 
All sizes available! 
International shipping available as well!

 We will be having a limited number of these shirts printed up, and they are available to reserve on a first-come-first-served basis!

Cost for 1 shirt: 
$25 (U.S.)    $35 (International) 

Cost per additional shirt ordered at the same time: 
$15 (U.S.)    $18 (International)

Prices include shipping & handling!

Tracking is included on all U.S. orders!

   As most of you probably don't know, Thomas has designed not only mine, but several authors bookmarks. He is truly talented at designing swag, bookmarks, t-shirts, etc...
I have left the task up to him to handle the shirt orders for me.

***This shirt is the design that both Thomas and I will be wearing at our local Relay For Life events! You can too!
Also available for purchase...
Mugs, Travel Mugs, and planners.
Cost for 1 Mug:
$14(U.S.)    $24(International)
Each additional $10   $13 (International)

Simply send T.H. Dillon an email at:

In that email, specify the quantity desired, size(s) desired, 
and country of destination for your order.

An invoice will be drawn up for your order through Paypal,
 and sent to you within 48 hours. 

Once your Paypal invoice is paid, your shirt(s) will be reserved. 

Expected delivery date of March, 2014.


   I'm looking forward to getting my "pink & black attack" on at my local Relay For Life event this year, and hopefully some of you will too! Please don't hesitate to share this post around...Google +1...Twitter...Facebook...wherever you think people might like to find out about this shirt! 

Thanks everyone!

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