Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tempting the Ringmaster by Aleah Barley

Welcome to Buck Falls, Michigan, where the gossip is fresh, the people are feisty, and the circus has pulled in for a limited engagement.

The last thing police chief Graham Tyler needs is a ragtag bunch of circus freaks rolling into town.

Then he meets sassy, spirited, ringmaster Belle-Anne Black.

Belle-Anne's got a rule against dating townies, and she's not about to break it... even for the spicy hot lawman who makes her insides sizzle. Then Graham makes her an offer she can't refuse: one night only, no repeat performances.

Of course, in the circus nothing ever goes exactly to plan.

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Sneak peek of Tempting the Ringmaster! To find out how these two meet, read the first chapter

“My name’s Belle.”
“Belle. Beauty.” He gave her a slow nod, like his neck hurt. His lips pulled back into a wolfish grin. His eyes lowered slightly, their gaze deep and penetrating. Starting at her bare feet and moving upwards, caressing her jean clad legs, climbing upwards to linger on her mouth. “Does that make me the beast?”

Aleah Barley Bio:
Aleah Barley writes smart, sexy, funny (she hopes) books while living in Detroit, Michigan. She’ll do anything for a piece of chocolate or a good review… really, try her. Her first two books are Too Hot to Handle and Leaving Las Vegas. Her fondest hope is that her cat and her dog will start getting along. Barring that, she’d like world peace and an end to global warming.

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