Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Hailey

Happy Birthday My Angel
Happy Birthday to you 
We are thinking of you
Happy Birthday My Angel Hailey 
We love you, too!
High above me in the clouds
I see her soar and scream aloud
“Look there’s your baby sister, Tyler!”
I watch his face as he forms a smile.
Plant a rosebush and a balloon released
To ease our pain and to find our peace.
Hold hands and say a prayer
To show we think about you to show we care
Choke up on words hold back the tears 
As the three of them grow through the years
To hold her in my arms is just a dream 
But I look up to the heavens and beam
My Angel is there as she celebrates
A memorial day, her fourth birthday.
This will indeed be a wonderful day
Through the tears and the smiles I can say
We love you Hailey we wished you were here
So we can give you hugs, kisses, and to hold you near.
For many years to come 
Everyone will see the love through what we have done.
We miss you dearly and want you to come home
Back to your brothers, sister, and my arms where you belong 
But I know you are in heaven flying high
Showing everyone as you soar through the sky
We will meet again one day and I will hold you close
Tight in my arms never letting you go
Show the people what you are made of
Through the streams you leave above
Give families hope 
To learn and show new ways to cope
The whole world will know who you are 
So fly baby fill the voids, pain, and scars
For after your story no one will look at the sky the same
While on their lips they will know your name
I will love you forever as I hold you deep inside
My tears will continue to fall as I beam with pride
My Angel Happy Birthday to you 
Tyler, Baylee, Adrian, and I love and miss you, too!

By: Jamie Gibson
April 2, 2013

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