Saturday, April 13, 2013

Talania A Trip Down Memory Lane (Lost Love)

Talania Announcement
.99 cent sale
My Editor Katie Mac’s birthday is coming up and I wasn’t going to release this statement until her special day, but I’ve been begged and prodded for an answer on writing Drake’s story as well as Adella’s by so many Talania lovers….it’s time for an answer.

Talania - A Trip down Memory Lane is and will be a series.
Drum roll……………………………….

Say hello to the ‘Lost Love’ Series.

First character up for their spotlight is….the handsome, loveable and sweet mature man - Drake!

I can’t give dates for releases just yet – I need to finish what I’m already working on, but there you have it – they will get to voice their stories too!

In honor of this decision and gift to my amazing editor because she just loves these characters so much – Talania is on sale for .99 cents!

Thank you all for your support and constant feedback on how much you just love this cast!

Your love, devotion and support has scored me Author of the Month three times, Author to Watch and put me into Best Sellers for Coming of Age. I’m beyond elated and grateful for those new fans

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