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SPOTLIGHT: Unbeautifully Loved By Emma Grayson

Unbeautifully Loved Synopsis:
In three words I can sum up everything I learned about life. Regardless of the shit going on in your life, this fact still remains.

It. Goes. On

Lexie Todd knew these 3 simple words. They were her mantra. So, after dealing with years of abuse at the hands of her boyfriend and the father of her son, she knows what needs to be done. With help from her best friend Mollie, they go on the run.

After months of being on the run they finally find the perfect town to settle in. Unable to trust and always having her guard up, the last thing Lexie wants is to get involved with Lukas Gunn.

Persistent, annoying, bossy, over protective and extremely hot, Detective Lukas Gunn.

After an incident leaves her vulnerable, Lukas knows there’s something haunting her. He’s determined to find out, wanting to protect her and make her his. But Lexie is determined also. Not wanting to give up her past, she pushes him away. Repeatedly.

But when history repeats itself, will Lexie finally be able to trust those around her to keep her safe? Will Lukas be able to save her? Or will Lexie succumb to only knowing what it’s like to be Unbeautifully Loved?

A little about Unbeautifully Loved:
Unbeautifully Loved is the story of Lexie Todd who, along with her 4 year old son Finn and best friend Mollie, are on the run from her abusive ex boyfriend – Finns father. They arrive in Camden, a somewhat small town where Lexie, from help from Mollie decided to try and live her life without always looking over her shoulder in fear. Then she has a run in with Lukas... *swoon* Lukas Gunn.  
Lukas is sexy, he’s tall, muscular, dark hair and amazing grey eyes. He’s an alpha and wants her, but he also has a softer side to him but he can also come across as an asshole at times but he has his reasons. He knows Lexie is hiding something and that it’s something bad by the way she acts around him. So he tries to do whatever he can to get her through it and keep her safe but she fights him on it.  There’s suspense, a few twists and turns, love, sex, a hot alpha male, a funny best friend and a main character in Lexie who isn’t the same person by the end of the book.  It’s a book about ... finding your way through the dark times and knowing you don’t have to do it alone, no matter how scared you.  It’s about finding ... your ‘home’.

Unbeautifully Loved Excerpt:
Meeting him changed my life. I never thought I’d meet someone who’d finally complete me like he did. Someone who finally made me feel whole and loved as much as he did. There’s always been a void in my heart, a void I thought I’d never have. I was in love, deeply in love, the kind of love that only comes around once in a life time, the kind you don’t want to live without and he didn’t even know how I felt. I’d waited too long and I didn’t know if I’d ever get to tell him.

The thought of him fizzled from my mind as my body shook from the cold under the thin sheet of a blanket that was wrapped around me. I was in shock, I could tell. I knew the signs. I winced as I moved; shooting pain licked my body in every direction. I knew a couple of my ribs along with my wrist were broken, and possibly something on my face, as pain swept over it and into my head. I raised my free arm up slowly, painfully, feeling my damp face as my hand found its way to the laceration on the side of my head, the source of only some of the pain. Unable to hold my arm up for much longer, it fell to the side throbbing and dangling off the edge of the bed. My body, it was beaten and bruised possibly more than ever before and I could feel myself slipping away, wanting nothing but to close my eyes and sleep, but it was the last thing I’d allow myself to do. 
  My mind was disoriented; I had no idea what day it was or how long I had been locked in this cold, dark place. Time was frozen, becoming nonexistent, and I was sure the days were just bleeding together. I thought about Finn and Mollie, hoping and praying they were safe because I didn’t know if I was going to see them again. The thought of that was unbearable. My eyes watered, nose burned and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. 
Pull it together. 
I didn’t know where I was, why I was even here or what caused him to do what he did to me. I felt like my life, my being, was being sucked right out of me. The abuse had taken its toll on my body and I had no fight left in me. All hope that I had earlier was beginning to fade away.
The door creaking open brought me back from my thoughts, my eyes snapped closed at the light that followed him in. I wanted to pull my blanket up to hide myself and hope it would make me disappear but I couldn’t and there was no point in trying. 
Looking at him you wouldn’t think any kind of malicious evil would consume him, but it did. It was written all over his face, in the grin he wore and the burning in his cold, dead blue eyes. A shiver ran through me as I thought of his eyes looking back at me, blank, filled with nothing but coldness and the brightness of those eyes forever gone. I’d never seen a pair of eyes so cold, or so hollow and dark, not even the pair I looked into years before compared to what I was seeing now.
He walked over to the side of the bed, no words said. His rough cold hands roamed over my hair down the side of my face and my body stilled as I wished him away. My eyes snapped shut not knowing what was about to come. 
His hand slipped under the covers, gliding over my naked arm, stopping above my elbow, lingering there a moment before moving away and then my cuffed hand was free. His hand went back, gripping my arm tightly as he pulled me to a sitting position. Pain radiated through me as I let out a whimper. He pulled me to my frozen feet, my knees shook, feeling like they were going to give out, unable to support me. I felt myself sway to the side but his grip held me upright, tightly; his fingers dug into my arm, pinching my skin.  
What’s one more bruise? 
He started to pull me towards the open door, my eyes squinting, trying to adjust to the light.
I didn’t know where we were going and I was sure it wasn’t going to be good and for the first time I was wishing to stay in the hole. I didn’t have any strength to fight him so I let him pull me, taking me wherever he was going. 
Maybe I had it all wrong. Maybe it was meant to end here and meeting him, falling in love, having this emptiness I carried around finally  filled, maybe it was only supposed to be... temporary. 
Life had a way of playing cruel tricks on you. 
This I knew. 
Boy did I know. 
I no longer saw the future with him as bright, happy and full of love; it was suddenly now empty, numb and full of complete and utter darkness. 

Playlist for Unbeautifully Loved:
· Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) – Ne-Yo
· Into Dust – Mazzy Star
· City of Devils – Yellow Card
· Mad World – Gary Jules
· You Found Me – The Fray
· 9 Crimes – Damien Rice
· Run – Collective Soul
· Aftermath – Adam Lambert
· Time of Dying – Three Days Grace
· Volcano – Damien Rice
· World So Cold – Three Days Grace
· Wicked Game – Phillip Phillips/Chris Isaak
· Titanium – David Guetta feat. Sia
· I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons
· Shake it Out (acoustic) – Florence + the Machine
· Wanted – Hunter Hayes
· Never Let Me Go – Florence + the Machine
· No Light, No Light – Florence + the Machine
· Hide & Seek – Imogen Heap
· Creep – Radiohead
· Running Up That Hill – Placebo
· Untouched – The Veronicas
· Animal I Have Become – Three Days Grace
· Say it Ain’t So – MoZella
· Hey Man, Nice Shot – Filter
· Home – Phillip Phillips
· Come Undone – My Darkest Days feat. Jessie James

I have 3 songs in bold and italic those are THE songs. 
Shake it Out somehow inspired the title Unbeautifully Loved I’m not sure how but I was listening to it one night needing a title and it came to me. 
Never Let Me Go & Home are all Lukas and Lexie. 
Some of the songs, when you read Unbeautifully Loved you might go ‘hmm where does that fit in?’ I’ll explain how I am when it comes to my music and writing. Yes, there are songs on this list that I listened to on repeat during specific moments (I’ll put them in bold) they were that song I pictured in that scene in my head as if it were a movie. There are some other songs on here that don’t really fit in anywhere or something but they all played a part at one time of being that one song that inspired something in me for a scene. I’ll give ya a small tease.
There is a scene in chapter twelve I think it is, where Lukas tells Lexie if she’s not ready then neither is he and that he’ll wait until she is; however long. And as you may have guessed, ‘I Will Wait’ by Mumford and Sons was the song I was listening to while writing it, even if the lyrics may not match.

Lukas tore his lips from mine, kissing down my neck in feverishly wet kisses. His scruff rough against my skin made my body jerk. I loved the feeling of his scruff against my skin, in all places, especially between my legs; the thought made my heart rate spike and the warmth hit deeper in the pit of my stomach causing me to throb for him.

“Lukas I need you,” I moaned, my hands still pulling his hair holding him in place as his mouth covered my breast, “Like now,” I pleaded.

His mouth pulled away from my breast and he pushed me further up the wall as his hand came between us and I heard the sound of his zipper followed by his jeans falling. My legs tightened around his waist, locking at the ankles, as I anticipated him to slam inside me. He pushed my skirt up further, sliding my panties to the side and his fingers rolled over my clit before sliding inside; my hips bucked, grinding on his fingers.

“Fuck Lex, you’re always ready for me. Always so wet and ready for my cock, aren’t you baby,” he growled, his voice muffled between the crook of my neck.

My climax was building as I continued to fuck his fingers, my legs holding on tight around his waist. “Baby,” I breathed hoarsely, “I need you inside me, I’m getting close.” My head fell back against the wall.

No sooner did he remove his fingers and slam his cock into me. My arms shot up above my head, grabbing onto the top of the ledge. Lukas’ hands grasped my hips tighter, holding me in place as he drove in and out of me; my head fell forward and looked at Lukas. 

A little about Emma:

Well for starters I’m Canadian! Born and raised in Edmonton Alberta, home of the Oilers. I started writing at a young age but really got into it knowing it was what I wanted to do when I was around 13/14 years old. No one knew it, no one knew my life dream was to write a book, it was my own little secret, and I didn’t think it would come true. I have a 6 year old son, who was the inspiration for Lexie’s son Finn. When I’m not writing I’m reading, not much lately though, catching up on my PVR box, visiting my girlfriends or planning my next books. My favorite color is purple, I love chocolate and peanut butter – together, the smell of rain, my favorite movie is Dirty Dancing, and if I could watch ONE show all day everyday it would be Criminal Minds.

Emma's Links:
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