Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Lovin' Indie Reader Party - Pomona, CA

Summer Lovin' Indie Reader Party - Pomona, CA 
Friday, July 12th
Time: 6-11pm
Timeline: 6-9 signing, 9-11 party (dancing and drinks)
Place: Pomona Valley Mining Co. (1777 Gillette Road Pomona, CA 91768) Google Map
$10 Entry Fee gets you in the door with light appetizers, dancing and a swag bag! Come and meet some of your favorite authors! 


The Summer Lovin’ Indie Author Crew:
Pre-purchase your tickets from the link below.

About The Author:

Just a little blurb about me. First and always I'm a wife and a mother. Second, I'm a writer... anything and everything romance. If it doesn't have a happily ever after, I'm not interested. Lets face it. Life is full of... well... life. Having spent over a decade of my life working as a RN in urban Emergency Rooms, I want to escape when I pick up a book. And I now create those worlds for you to escape into.

This is a borrowed Review:  
Really, who would not love to be in Jessie's shoes? Well, not exactly what she had before meeting Jack Morrison, but definitely after.

This story is the epitome of learning about first impressions and how a person can be wrong....

Jack Morrison, an heir to the family fortune, but is wealthy in his own right, learns that people can be painfully superficial when it comes to the matters of the heart for him. His last relationship pointed out, painfully (I might add), that the women interested in him happen to love his bank account more than the man himself. Regardless of how good looking he is. Stung with this knowledge, Jack decides to change his tactics when it comes to meeting the next woman he is to have a relationship with. Jack wants a woman to love him for who he is and not what his bank account has.

Upon a late night stop at the local late night diner, Jack becomes smitten with his waitress, Jessie. A down to Earth, but struggling single parent that works the graveyard shift, trying to make ends meet. After being shot down from Jessie, he becomes more determined to get him to like her. You see, Jessie thinks that a stable and loving relationship needs a healthy bank balance and she is looking to connect with a rich man. Jack, determined to win her over, but without his wealth getting in the way, decides to be her friend and helps her find what she believes is her "Mr. Right".

Throughout their friendship, Jack manages to warm not just Jessie's heart, but her 5 year old son, Denny's, too. The only thing getting in the way of the happily ever after is the web of lies that
Jack spins to see if Jessie can fall in love with him if he did not have his vast wealth.

Not to give the obvious away.... the journey that Jack and Jessie take is one that I think a lot of women would love to have. The lesson learned about honesty and the notion that love does not need a bank balance to solidify it. I loved every part of this book. It was well written, I loved the characters, and the ending filled me with hope (and quite a few smiles to boot). I am really looking forward to the next book in the series. I highly recommend you check this book out!!!!

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