Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BLITZ DAY GIVEAWAY~ How To Catch Butterflies

TITLE ~ How To Catch Butterflies
AUTHOR ~ Samantha Fontien

For seven years, career girl Rebecca Keane had been stuck in an abusive relationship with David Rosenberg. Until one night, fate intervenes, enforcing the strong-minded Lucy Watters, her long lost best friend, back into her life.

Will David Rosenberg let her go?

Together, the two friends will embark on a journey of self-discovery. Can they learn to trust or love again? Or will careers and life get in the way?

Can Rebecca and Lucy learn how to spread their wings and fly? Or will they fall into one of the men’s nets and be caught forever?

Join these two London girls on their international journey of love in the first part of a series of Butterflies books, because ‘A girl should be like a butterfly. Pretty to see, but hard to catch....'

“Morning ladies,” he smiled as he leaned down kissing Rebecca then taking a seat on the other lounger. Rebecca sat in the middle like a sandwich. Lucy could only look at Rebecca, her hand fanning her face as she mouthed ‘wow’.
“Yep, Hunky Harvey is 'hot' like the sun” she whispered to Rebecca out of the corner of her mouth.
As Rebecca shhh’d her, he stood up and walked to the pool.
“You coming in,” he asked looking directly at Rebecca with one of his smoldering smiles and he dove into the pool.
While he was submersed under the water all Lucy could say was,
“Sweet tap dancing babies! Oh My God Rebecca he is f**king hot!” as Jackson arose out of the water as if he were in an aftershave commercial.
“I’m going back to the villa to wake Chris up and get me some. If I was you, I’d get the hell in that pool right now with him and while you’re at it, get yourself some too. God, what I wouldn't do to that man.” Lucy stood up. “I’ll see you two up at the house for breakfast at ten yes?” and she was gone.

About the Author~ 
 Samantha Fontien: ♥ FACEBOOK  ♥ GOODREADS ♥ AMAZON ♥
I’m a happily married mum of 2. I’m a West London girl, and I’ve just recently moved back from London to Ireland, where I now live in the countryside. I’ve always written, mainly short stories, but ‘How to catch Butterflies’ is my first book. I’ve had a passion for writing since a very young age.  I find a story in every situation, and like real life there isn't always a Happily Ever After. There’s lots of me in my writing, I tend to write about my own life experiences or something based on a situation. My parents were both musicians, I’m a classically trained guitarist myself (at their insistence, and not my choice of instrument, I wanted to play the drums), so I have a real burning passion for music. I have quite an ecliptic taste; I pretty much love everything, especially live music/gigs.  I have two dogs, one cat and three goldfish and love shoes, I really do love shoes <3.  I refuse to wear wellies (Wellingtons) (Gum/Mud/Rain Boots) and wear riding boots instead. You can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl.

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