Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I need to speak up about this…

The book world is a giant circle. 
We are all here to support one another, published, unpublished, big or small. 
What would we do without the support of one another?
Authors need us to blog and tease the community over upcoming releases; they need us to review and rave about their books. They also need us for honest reviews that sometimes an Author won’t like. But that doesn’t mean they are going to be mad at us for posting an honest review. Their feelings might be hurt – but they will take that and put it towards their next novel.
We would all be nowhere if we didn’t support one another. We need Authors to deliver things we can review, we need Authors to do giveaways for their swag. They need us and we need them. AGAIN A CIRCLE!
I asked my best friend Author - Crystal D.Spears of the bestselling novel Seize Me what she thought of this. But before I tell you what she said… I need to point out that Crystal is a retired blogger, this used to be her world. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t even be blogging right now. My blog is known all around the Author community as a blogger to watch. We’ve grown together, me and Crystal. I have supported her since the very beginning and she has supported me from the very beginning. We would be nobodies without the support of one another. AGAIN A CIRCLE – without one another or the help of one another we would just be another page in a book.
Here’s what Crystal said about this.
“Bloggers are extremely important to any Author. I know without a doubt that bloggers are the reason behind Seize Me making it to the top 100 on Amazon. My amazing promoters gave ARCS out to over 50 blogs. Seventy percent of those blogs loved Seize Me and thirty percent didn’t. But those thirty percent that didn’t still did reviews and I am very grateful for that. I read every single one of my negative reviews because I want to put that criticism to use. Here is the way I see this… Authors are entitled to write about whatever they want; bloggers are entitled to write whatever they want. Like you said Jodi, it’s a circle. It’s not meant to be a cruel world, it’s meant to be an honest one. So thank you bloggers, book reviewers, and readers, I appreciate you taking time out of your own busy schedules to read, review and blog honestly.”

My point behind this post is to say that we NEED each other. We don't have time for this petty he said; she said bullshit...We can not read emotions through the computer or text. I personally do not know how each and every one of you are. I may say the wrong thing and piss you off, because you take it wrong. I would rather you take it up with me behind closed doors(message) than publicly bash me or a friend. I will NOT choose sides, so do not ask me too. I am here to support YOU!! Heart each and every bit of ALL of you.

Jodi Murphy
Butterflies, Books & Dreams

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